What is the pEEp?

•  The pEEp is a patented bird feeder with an integrated HD camera designed to stream live images to your television, phone or computer.  The pEEp allows you to see your own back yard birds with an intimacy never before possible.  The pEEp Apps and website will allow easy viewing, recording and sharing of your images/videos along with a simple way to create lists and notes of your feathered visitors. 

What is crowdfunding?

•  Crowdfunding is a way for many folks to come together to support a project they love and want to be part of.  During our crowdfunding campaign, you may pre-order the pEEp at a discount or contribute a lesser amount and get other cool stuff.  Check out INDIEGOGO to see how it works.


How much will the pEEp cost?

•  The pEEp will retail for under $300 and will include the pEEp Feeder, HD camera unit and dedicated live streaming box. 

Do I need a computer to use the pEEp?

•  No!  The pEEp is designed to be viewed on your television or any monitor with an HDMI port.  Remote viewing is available on your mobile device as well.  Created with simplicity and signal reliability in mind, the pEEp connects via USB cable.  With the included super-thin USB cable adapter, you may close a window or door over the cable leading outside to your pEEp feeder.  No batteries and no Wi-Fi connection issues!